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LDCOM is an smart intelligent integrated on train Caution Order operational System for ensuring the maximum safety in field of caution orders management. It’s designed with next generation intelligent technological system with railways checks and balances to reduce human mistakes & high ROI in terms of saving the energy/fuel loss & Reduce time Loss in in case of applying emergency caution’s.


  • Operational Safety & digital control
  • Energy & Fuel Saving
  • Protects life of On-Track Staff
  •  Analysis Driving Analytical
  •  Caution Orders Management
  • Complete logged digitalized communication Key Components:

Key Components:

  • Mobile Application for Administrative & Field officials
  •  Biometric enabled terminal for caution Notice stations
  • Embedded Terminal for small stations
  •  LDCOM Device for the running train
  •  Interfaced with the Track Man Device

 Operational Process

  • Alerts on Trackman’s wearable of approaching loco arrival
  •  Alert generated by track man for major unusual
  •  Caution entry & circulations to other notice stations
  •  Caution orders arrival alerts & over speeding at running Loco device
  •  Emergency caution interchanging
  •  ASM terminal at small station
  •  Broadcast alerts from Control Room to ASM terminals
  •  On board crew Signal interchanging recording
  •  Major unusual SOS Alert from Loco device (LDCOM).
  •  Alert of the reducing distance between the loco devices who are running on the same track.
  •  Fog Signal location Alerts .
  •  Danger Zones & speed restrictions.
  •  Auto recording of Loco Horns at public cross over.
  •  On site recording of Defects/feedback’s.