Linen Management System

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Linen Management System is cycle & issue or return to passengers/ drivers by using

Focus on passengers

(E.g., passengers get clean Linen as it tracks use count and washing cycle. While receiving Linen from washer can be returned if found .

Works on artificial intelligences and predictive analytics

(Notification to Rail attendant about no. of passengers boarding train station and where passenger journey ends, so that Linen can be given and collected from passenger and location and time will be captured.

 Admin can track live status of stock 

(Admin can check all stocks of Linen available with warehouse, attendant and given to passengers, also can check no. of linen.

 Efficient and peace of Mind

 (No. of trains increasing requires more central tracking system for all Linen management at station. It is less time consuming more accurate secured with latest technology and easy to

Train AC attendant portable terminal

• Device is having the option to connect PRS (Passenger Reservation System) charting system

• Rail attendant has to start his journey terminal and he can issue Linen to passengers by this handheld terminal and system lock the GPS locations of these issued Linen

• Rail attendant cannot re issues the same Linen to the multiple seats

• Railway authorities has a facility of viewing of Linen status time issues, returned, available stocks, faulty, returned by the passengers

• System also have a facility for work offline mode and it is capable to handle the Linen activities of the both the directions.

Warehouse management handheld terminal

A. Issue Linen issue to the washers

B. Received from washer

C. Issue to Ac Attendant

D. Return from the AC attendant

E. Damaged Linen

F. Manage AC attendant

G. Mark damage

H. Check use count and washing

I. Current stock available