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Aunik IT Solutions Private Limited is a Delhi-based company that offers IT solutions gratifying the needs of every industry making it one of the most versatile and multifaceted IT companies today. Established 8 years ago with an ebullient drive, Aunik IT strives to deliver innovative, cutting-edge and customizable softwares’ to organizations operating all over India, which would enable them to create and execute digital strategies for their digital transformation further simplifying, strengthening and transforming their businesses.

Our technologies

GIS mapping

WE provide accurate geographical data to analyses the features of the land and to determine any issue on the site. Read More

Voice analytics

Our products & services are based on the voice CNN model based Analytical platforms. This technology domain will give a revaluation help to the Management in process of culture building in a Team and performance monitoring with data backed analysis. This technological domain will help in record keeping of official communication between the employer and employees

Image processing

Capturing the data from images/live videos is our technological expertise. We have in-house capabilities of image analysis on single board hardware’s with centralized monitoring. Ready to use android applications for object identification, text readers, QR code scanners with onscreen response and having the option of GPS tagging

RF Technologies

In the current world asset tracking & counting is become very important in every field. RF based technological Solutions gives a great help in the inventory management, company is providing the RF Tag based solutions in railways. We are also developing the solution on VHF data communication in the low network areas

Data Analytics

Now a Data analytics is integral part of the any big assignment. The analytical algorithms will give the zest of the data movements coming from devices/human activities/communications. Company has the team of experts in data analytics for delivering the pattern identifications, mapping of data levels, preparation & cleaning of data sets for ML based software .

AI & ML Analytics

Any System with machine learning algorithms & proper progressive data sets with cleaning & filtering will help to a user in the revenue collections planning, staff behavior monitoring, other deep data analysis for strategic interventions. Artificial Intelligence, the logical decision making system for predictive output is one of our key strengths

IOT Clouding

We have experience of 10 years of development in electronics designs & production including server interfacing. We have delivered 03 products on the IOT and cloud data management technologies also having technical capabilities to design Cloud controlled operational boards & DCH systems with centralized data analytics .

Smart Education

Our technology is aimed at creating smart classrooms for all students across the nation. A smart classroom is where the concept of blended learning is blooming. Smart Classrooms are technology enhanced classrooms that foster opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating learning technology, such as computers, educational softwares, audience response technology, assistive listening devices, networking, and audio/visual capabilities. By placing a digital learning technology, equipped with a specialized software, assistive listening devices and audio/visual capabilities in a classroom, one is opening up a Pandora’s box of infinite methods of teaching, learning and growing together as a unit

Our Services

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WE provide accurate geographical data to analyses the features of the land and to determine any issue on the site. Read More


LDCOM is an smart intelligent integrated on train Caution Order operational System for ensuring the maximum safety in field of caution orders management.


Linen Management System is used for tracking of every Linen washing life cycle & issue or return to passengers/ drivers by using RF technology.

Smart Communicator

Smart Communicator for Future ready Railway Stations

Smart BA & BW system

The Smart BA & BW is designed keeping in view the need to monitor third party contract employees with high levels of customer interface in order to services at all times.

Smart Class

Smart classes use all interactive modules like videos and presentations and these visually attractive methods of teaching becomes appealing to students who are already struggling with the traditional method of teaching in a classroom.

Digital Marketing

Aunik IT is providing digital marketing service exclusively to a particular brand and Celebrities to make it at top of all search engines.


Our team is consistently working to expand the data repository for the various digital maps data.


Read More


We Provide efficient solutions in the field of Education softwares and Integration for the various departments and sectors of a particular industry.
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Our Work

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
Society Management System

This software comprises with every services of a society like a User ID and Password will be given to every flat owner and if they have any issue related to any of the in house services there itself he or she can lodge a complaint in software and after that a SMS service is also incorporated in that, user will also get a message with the Ticket Number and all the details related to the services as per the agreed SLA.

Bar code Reader Software

Software has in side connectivity and adaptability with OMR sheet to scan the bar code and pattern sheets.

Back Office Software for financial market

Sub-Brokers of any company who can maintain financial statements which includes below modules -
# Live RMS(Risk Management System)
# Open Position of the client
# Ledger
# Bill
# Data Scatterers
# Accounts
# Financial and MIS Reports in all Periods like Day Wise, Week Wise, Month Wise, Year Wise.

Examination Center Management System

Live Attendance with inbuilt features Subject Wise Attendance and Student Wise Attendance.

OMR Sheet Reader

This Software works on any kind of OMR Sheet.
It has adaptability to read the barcode as well as all the pattern sheets with X number of question options.

Centralize Audio Management System

Software comprises with audio management software which integrates and prioritizes all sound sources in a single system.


Our team.

Our team is full of fun and passionate individuals who keep on innovating new ideas and strategies to make work more fun and result driven.
Mr. Sahil Arora


Mr. Sandeep Arneja


Mr. Ayush Saxena

Project Design Consultant

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We are constantly aspiring towards new goals and the team has successfully managed to achieve what they aim for. In the coming future, we are targeting to cater more and more areas to work towards a technologically advanced India.


We are a team with Ultimate Perfection.A professional team who loves to provide quintessential work to our clients.

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