Smart BA&Bw System

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  • The Smart BA-Bio is designed keeping in view the need to monitor third party contract employees with high levels of customer interface in order to services at all times .
  • Reputation management in addition to compliance requirements to provide a secure passengers aboard the trains run by the Indian Railways have been captured by the Smart BA-Bio system.

Device Highlights: 

  • Robust all weather tamper proof device 
  • High Responsive and Touch Screen 
  • High Speed Finger Print Impression Reader
  • High Resolution Camera with Face Recognition
  • Breath Analyzer for recording Alcohol levels 
  • Inbuilt speaker capability 
  • AWS Cloud enabled 
  • GSM and Wi-Fi enabled

App Highlights: 

  • Real time data capture and analytics 
  • Remote administrator control 
  • Flexibility to customise algorithms to suit business need
  • Synchronises multiple data points with HR database for fool proof tracking
  • Doubles up as a remote location
  • Attendance System
  • Cloud based data storage and retrieval controls for quality control and monitoring
  • Ability to disseminate alerts as a public addresses system in case of emergencies.

Current Scenario

Railways have been increasingly depending on third party manpower and service providers for its passengers, pantry services, in-coach cleaning & housekeeping, coaches attendants amongst others. Any delinquency in services due to misbehavior by these third party services providers dents the reputation of the Railways in addition to financial impact of claims and damages.

  •  Lack of control on grooming issues of third party contract employees
  •  Reported and un-reported cases of alcoholism
  •  Inability to monitor/record any drop in service standards
  •  Unrecorded absenteeism and on-board delinquencies
  •  Adverse administrative to contract employee ratio leading to weak monitoring systems
  •  Lack of control on employees on duty vs employees on pay-roll of service provide

Next Gen BA-Bio Solution

The Next Gen BA-Bio system can be installed in any location including trains and connected to a central secure server using a GSM or Wi-Fi network. A single device on each train at a specific location can be utilized to monitor the pre-defined quality parameters of multiple support staff

  • Panty Car staff, In-Coach House Keeping staff and AC Coach attendants can record their attendance on the train 
  • Bio metrics would be synchronized with face recognition at the time of Breath Analysis for tamper proof inputs 
  • Contractual Employee Database can be verified at the backend to ensure employees on roll are engaged in actual work 
  • Cloud based data of all contract employees can be mapped on to Direct Benefit schemes like Insurance and PF 
  • Data Analytics support to ensure errant employees are penalized or restricted from future engagement